About Me

I’ve always loved to be creative. That energy spilled over in the kitchen when my husband and I were newlyweds with no money in our pockets but we still had to eat. Through the years I’ve not only enjoyed creating delicious food but also have become more interested in making delicious food healthy too!

February 15th 2010, it was a Monday. I verbally declared to the world (with no one listening to me) that I was now an herbivore. I knew that I could get the best nutrients from plants and that although eating animal products had some nutritional value it wasn’t the best source of nutrition and I no longer wanted to eat animals, therefore I cut them out of my diet entirely. So with beef tenderloin from the dinner the night before still in my belly I embarked on a whole new way of eating.

But what was I going to eat? That first day I consumed a can of vegetarian refried beans and that was it. Very quickly I knew it was going to have to get better than that or my new food adventure would not last. It began to dawn on me that I had 25 years of cooking experience and there was no reason why I couldn’t figure out how to eat without using any animal flesh or dairy. The creative thought processes really revved up and I took on the challenge of using only plants to make delicious food with a nutritious twist.

I now have many family members and friends who have also changed what is on their dinner plate right along with me and I realize now more than ever that you are what you eat. By changing my diet I feel energized after a meal, I have greater mental clarity, food tastes better, I have a keener sense of smell and I feel rested after a nights sleep. And my outlook on life has changed as well; I have greater love and compassion for others, I’m much better at listening, I have far more compassion for all animals and living things and want to be a better steward over the earth itself.

This website is my way of sharing my passion for creating exquisite food and also a way of helping others get better nutrition into the food they eat.  If you want to eat a whole foods, plant-based cuisine to nourish your body you’ve come to the right place!



Photo courtesy of Dayna Carroll Photography