Recipe Requests and Questions

Please feel free to request recipes here. I’d love to put a nutritious twist on some of your favorite foods or create dishes using specific ingredients.

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38 Responses to Recipe Requests and Questions

  1. Michelle Cote says:

    Hey Janice, Michelle, Vincent’s old secretary here!!! I am so happy you are doing this! As you know, I am a pseudo-vegetarian (I still eat fish) and I soooo need some recipes as I don’t have much time with school right now to research all this. Please send me so quick and easy recipes whenever you can. I pretty much have the same meals over and over again and I’m getting ready to finish school and will have a bit more time to actually try some new stuff. Would love to hear from you!!! Michelle

    • Michelle!
      I’m so glad you found the website! I’m going to get a few new soups posted for you that can be made ahead of time (like on a weekend) and then eaten later. They’re easy enough to make during the week as well and served along with a salad and garlic bread or other sides would quickly make a complete meal! Watch for jalapeno bisque and tomato basil soup.

      Best of luck with school,

      • Michelle Cote says:

        GREAT! Love tomato basil soup! Have you tried any of the “fake” meat products they have out. Some of them are pretty good and are a good substitute in recipes, especially soups and sauces. I use them alot and most folks can’t tell the difference many times.

        • The tomato basil soup is posted! You can see it on the home page. I’ll get the jalapeno bisque up soon.

          I’ve only used a few of the “fake” meats. Some have been fine and others have been horrible. I suppose I need to find the right ones. Which ones do you recommend? I’ll use some in my recipes.

  2. Katie says:

    Will you have your lasagna recipe up soon? Also, would you have anything with spinach as the main ingrediant?

    • Katie,

      Funny you should mention the lasagna, I’ve been working on that recipe to get it picture ready. For some reason the lasagna has not been very photogenic. I’ll get it up as soon as possible. Trust me, it tastes wonderful and no one would ever miss the meat or cheese.

      You’re inspiring me with the idea of spinach as a main ingredient. I’m stirring up several ideas and as soon as I settle on one or two I’ll get to work in the kitchen at get something posted especially for you! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Daniel says:

    Tomato Basil soup thats just as good, if not better, than your pre-vegan recipe!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m a little bit of a goof but in my request earlier I forgot to mention that we also have some beautiful red bell peppers and I was wondering if you have any good recipes for stuffed peppers or have any other fun ideas, thank you!

  5. Sarah says:

    Janice! I know that you are super busy but I was wondering if you could come up with a yummy recipe for butternut squash. We participate in our community food co-op and part of the produce we received today was a beautiful butternut squash; the problem is that I have never particularly cared for squash so I have never cooked it! But, my husband loves it and I think that if it was prepared differently than most folks prepare it then I just may love it! Thank you so much!

    • I’m going to have to get me some butternut squash and red peppers! I think I have an idea that you might like, I’ll test it out and get back with a recipe!

      • Sarah, I hope you enjoyed the recipe for butternut squash I emailed to you. Given that butternut squash is a winter variety I will post the recipe towards the fall, probably in September or October when butternut squash is plentiful and in season. Watch for that post with a gorgeous picture to accompany it.

        Also, I’m continuing to post the dessert inspired salad dressings for you! I hope you are being to enjoy them!

  6. Alex Gingrich says:

    Hey lady! Met you today at Vegan Freak in Denton. I’m the girl from Maine (guess that’s my new claim to fame!). I am very excited to try out your recipes! I’d love to see some college-friendly snacks to whip up to keep in the dorm! That would rock 🙂

    • Alex!
      I’m very excited to share my Cranberry and Coconut trail mix recipe! This is such an easy snack to put together which requires no cooking or refrigeration and is full of the kind of nutrition that would be desirable to any student!

  7. WeBu says:

    Sweet Pot, black bean, carrot enchiladas!

  8. Joshua says:

    anything like the spirulina or lemon dew raw revolution bars

  9. Joshua says:

    Its obvious you have many years of experience in the kitchen and you have done your research. I love your blog and the confidence I gain in cooking delicious vegan foods when I know which ingredients to look for and how to assemble them!! I am really interested in a raw or mostly raw food bar, especially one that contains spirulina and/or chlorella. I would also love some ideas about vegan “outdoor” food that contain the nutrients required for physically demanding days in the mountains and on the rocks that are easily portable and taste great. Hope you can help.

  10. Sarah says:

    Janice! Your website is absolutely beautiful! I’m sure that my mom probably told you but I have a pretty severe case of Endometriosis and would love some dinner ideas that my little family could eat and enjoy. Oh, and I would love more cookie recipes! I’m supposed to avoid sugar but I really love cookies and would love some healthy alternatives! An Endometriosis diet involves avoiding red meats (which is fine with me), refined carbs and sugars, dairy products and just about anything else that really isn’t good for you anyway. Thank you so much!

    • Sarah,
      Thank you for the sweet compliment! I’ve got some great dinner ideas for you, I’ll start posting them next week. Also, I’ve just developed a muffin recipe without any refined carbs or sugars and contains no dairy products that might satisfy your sweet tooth and still fit into your diet. I’ll get it posted next week as well, watch for the Carrot Cake Muffins coming right up! Thanks for the requests! I’ll get started on some more cookie recipes for you.

  11. Ashley says:


    I actually was wondering if there was a print recipe option on the blog or maybe that is something you can ad so I can print these and add them to my book a little easier?
    Joshua and I are on the go all the time! I love the protein bars but can you maybe think of some healthy snacks that can be packed to-go!?!


    • Ashley,
      The print option is a good idea! I’ll have my team work on it. And when I read your request I came up with the perfect idea that I’ll be posting today. It’s pizza pockets! Think hot pockets but made much healthier! This is great kid-friendly food too! One the most exciting things about it is how easily it can be changed up to create variety.

      Thanks for the request,

      • Ashley says:

        Thank you so much for the print friendly option! That is so awesome. Now I can print them all and add them to my beautiful Vegan binder. Way to go, Team!!


      • The Kitchen Twist Team says:

        The team appreciates your gratitude Ashley. We put in many hard weeks to figure the print option out and then teach Master Chef Janice how to use it and its good to know you enjoy it.

  12. Conor says:

    Dear Janice,

    I’m in dire need. If you have ever eaten at Aladdin’s on Montrose and Westheimer, they have this eggplant slice with some type of spinach and feta (?) topping. They serve it over cabbage and it is the best. I would LOVE that recipe!!

    Conor “Hopelessly Lost”

    • Conor,

      There is no need to be hopelessly lost, you’ve found my website! I’ve seen the Aladdin’s restaurant but have never eaten there. I’ll stop in and order the eggplant dish and create the recipe for you. Just give me time to get over there. I’ll let you know when I post my version!

      Thank you for your recipe request!

      • Finally got around to making this! It was excellent. We made it for our dinner group and everyone loved it. Next time, I think we’ll tone down the garlic a little bit. I was breathing fire! And a little cheese. Replaced sumac with some more salt and lemon zest.


  13. Nancy Hoppe says:

    Dear Janice-
    Your website is so outstandingly beautiful–
    I enjoy your sister, Nancy, who told me of your many creative talents-
    Our daughter, Jenine, is on a restricted cancer diet. She also must avoid glueten.
    She can have no animal products, dairy, or glueten. She is on a good protocol, but
    can’t keep her nutritional drink (to shrink the tumors) down.
    Anyway, it is difficult to come up with food that tastes alright to her. I’ve been making soups and such, Any suggestions you might have will be much appreciated.
    Your website is really amazing–
    Thank you for your consideration–

    • Nancy,
      I’ve been working on a rice dish for your daughter that has a mild flavor so she can hold it down but still is full of nutrients to help her fight the cancer. Check out the saffron rice dish, hopefully it will benefit your daughter.

  14. Charlotte Alvey says:

    It’s Christmas time and I’m dying for some non-dairy hot chocolate that still tastes delicious! Help! 🙂

  15. Jennifer Kartchner says:

    How do I find the Mexi Soup recipe? yummmmmmy!!

  16. Ashley says:

    please please please post your cinnamon roll recipe!

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