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Lemon Dream Vinaigrette

This is the third in a series of dessert inspired vinaigrettes. In an effort to help health conscious individuals drop dessert and eat more salad I’ve created these dressings so dessert isn’t missed. Many of my friends and family have … Continue reading

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Raspberry Rose Vinaigrette

This vinaigrette is the second in a series of dessert inspired salad dressings. Eating a big green salad every single day contributes to good health…so does skipping dessert! Hopefully Raspberry Rose Vinaigrette will help in both ways. THE TWIST The … Continue reading

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Spinach Leaf Soup

Happy New Year! At this goal setting time of year many people make the decision to eat healthy food and this recipe fits the bill perfectly. Not only is it delicious it’s easy to prepare. Enjoy! THE TWIST Spinach Leaf … Continue reading

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